New 40-foot Storage Container for Track

Thanks to the generous fundraiser efforts of all the Friends donors and a lot of logistics, teamwork and effort— we finally have our new storage container to help protect the pole vaulting and other equipment. Thanks to the team at Mobile Mini for making several trips. Thanks to Jack Masloff, Leigh Capshaw, Steve Heon and others for measuring and thinking this through and troubleshooting. Special thanks to Jack for all the coordination and tree trimming and sight preparation.

Storage for the track team was identified as a need for the program beginning years ago. The size requirements and delivery constraints made it difficult but after some trial and error over several months, we have success.  This container will alleviate the long-standing storage problem and protect the equipment.

In order to fund this capital project, Friends of WAHS Cross Country, Track & Field had to dip into reserves. We will be sending out our fundraising letter later this Fall and ask that you consider supporting Friends this year in order to build up those reserves again as we look to put focus as we continually do on supporting the unpaid coaches and helping with travel and other needs. We hope there are many opportunities for our athletes to shine.

2015-09-03 13.33.07

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