Support WAHS Cross Country and Track Field

Thank you for supporting your child’s decision to participate in cross country or track athlete at Western Albemarle and/or for cheering on our teams! These athletes have chosen a very challenging endeavor that requires dedication and a supreme work ethic. From this pursuit they become focused and well-rounded individuals and learn sportsmanship, perseverance and teamwork.  We hope you will agree that running, jumping, vaulting and/or throwing with the WAHS program builds character and teaches student athletes about setting personal goals and achieving them.

What is FRIENDS? Friends of Western Albemarle Cross Country, Track and Field (“Friends”) was formed as a tax exempt nonprofit by a group of parents in 2010 to support our student athletes and the gifted coaches, many of whom volunteer their time.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.… Running a high-caliber program for these many athletes requires a team of gifted coaches providing the needed guidance and encouragement. As parents, alumni and parents of alumni, we know you are grateful for these experiences. Our teams have found success in part because of the strong mentors and coaches that show up again and again to work with these young people. What you may not know is that several of them are strictly volunteer. Our number one mission in fundraising is to provide stipends for our uncompensated assistant coaches. Friends also helps to ease the burden of expenses for some travel.

Friends is also available to (quietly) ease financial burdens for athletes who might otherwise not be able to compete in invitational or national meets. (Speak with a coach and they can make confidential arrangements – even for new running shoes.) In the past few years, Friends made possible the Old Trail course and arranged for its maintenance, purchased a new pole vault pit, outdoor storage unit and successfully advocated for the replacement of the outdoor track at WAHS. But our primary focus is to support coaching. 

We estimate this year’s expenses to be approximately $6,000, most of which goes to our assistant coaching staff over three seasons. School budgets, including athletic budgets, are continually on the chopping block. This letter is our only annual fundraiser. Friends is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

Please consider making a personally significant donation today to support our cross country, track and field programs. Donate here. Please subscribe to our blog on our website for emailed updates on our teams, and also follow us on Facebook, where results and photos from meets are posted.

Thank you for your support.

Kathleen Capshaw, President
Alyce Outlaw, Treasurer
Teresa Grupp, Secretary
Tracey Hill, Member at Large
Carol Stutzman, Member at Large
Brian Willcutts, Member at Large
Charles Cole, Member at Large

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