Please Support Our Teams

December 2012

Dear Friends,

Western Albemarle Cross Country, Track & Field teams teach our student athletes the rewards of teamwork, perseverance, discipline and goal setting. Our coaches consistently celebrate each team member’s PR (personal record), encouraging them to work toward their next individual goal.

Friends of Western Albemarle Cross Country Track & Field (Friends) exists to support our teams and coaches by providing the financial support for the many things the school system does not fund: stipends for some of our unpaid assistant coaches, covering part of the cost of travel to national competitions, maintenance costs of the cross country course at Old Trail and equipment replacement.

Since our founding in 2010 as a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, Friends has:

  • Initiated and funded the construction of the Lindy Bain Loop in Old Trail Village
  • Funded stipends for assistant coaches
  • Successfully advocated for the replacement of the WAHS outdoor track (completed summer 2012)
  • Purchased a new tent for the team and a new tent carrying case
  • Covered partial travel costs for coaches and athletes (as needed) to national competitions
  • Purchased a new (used) pole vault pit (summer 2012)

This year, a new shed needs to be built to store the pole vault pit by the track. We estimate that a minimum of $5,000 will be needed for the shed. In addition, the throwing area (discus and shot put) needs replacing, and we would like to begin putting monies aside for that as well. As you know, there is no extra money in the school system for sports, so it is up to us parents to support our teams.

A tax deductible donation to Friends of Western Albemarle Cross Country, Track & Field this year will help us to ensure that our students and coaches have the type of support that mirrors the time and effort they put into reaching their goals. Our only support is that which we receive from parents and alumni.

You may make your donation either by sending a check made out to Friends of Western Albemarle Cross Country, Track & Field and mailing it to P.O. Box 147 B, Ivy, Virginia  22945

Or you can donate via PayPal on our website

Thank you for your generous support,

Kim Connolly, President

Doug Taylor, Secretary

Alyce Outlaw, Treasurer

Carol Stutzman, Member at Large

Please LIKE us on Facebook as Friends of Western Albemarle Cross Country, Track & Field.         

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